Honour Roll

These are our heros!

Adrian Butler

Barbershopper of the Year - 2021


Awarded to Adrian Butler

Awarded for his contributions to the Chapter

David Christmas

Barbershopper of the Year - 2020


Awarded to David Christmas

Awarded for David's many recording and other leadership contributions.

Ed Jobson

Honorary Life Member of the Chapter


Awarded to Ed Jobson

Ed has made extraordinary contributions to the chapter and the society for over 60 years and continues to do important work for us and to encourage and mentor others.  A list of those contributions would be easy to produce, but I’m sure you are aware of them. He has been a life member of the Tidesmen for several years.

Rob Holt

Barbershopper of the Year - 2019


Awarded to Rob Holt

He does everything!

David Wilson

Barbershopper of the Year - 2018


Awarded to David Wilson

Looking fter the music library

Dick Dueck
Ron Skelton

Barbershopper of the Year - 2017


Awarded to Dick Dueck, Ron Skelton

Joint award to Dick and Ron for all they did in 2017.

Allan Jacques

Honorary Life Member of the Chapter


Awarded to Allan Jacques

For service to the Chorus, the Chapter and the Society;
For carrying the burden of leadership through holding multiple Executive offices for a period of several years;
For acting as chorus Music Director in addition to his other duties;
For stepping into the breach, without hesitation, so many times and in so many ways;
The Village Squires hereby recognize Allan Jacques by making him an Honourary Life Member of the Chapter.
Thank you Allan., for everything.

Honorary Life Member of the Chapter


Awarded to Bill Staton

A well respected member now deceaased.

Honorary Life Member of the Chapter


Awarded to Fraser MacLean

A well respected Chapter member. Member (Baritone) of the quartet Freelance.
Often assuming director duties.
Now retired from singing with the Chapter.