Do you love to sing?

The Victoria Village Squires is always interested in men of good character, men who love to sing. Come on down and visit us some night, and have a listen. Careful! The close harmonies that characterize the Barbershop Sound are addictive - you'll be singing for the rest of your life.

We are an "audition" chorus, meaning that prospective members are asked to learn a simple song and sing it to our music team. This will help the music team place your voice in the right part (Lead, Tenor, Bass or Baritone), and improve your singing experience. Don't worry, we will help you with this process.

There are annual dues to the Barbershop Harmony Society (, and annual chapter dues. We perform publicly several times a year, and members are encouraged to sing with us at those events, whenever life, family and work make it possible. We would be glad to discuss these details with you, anytime.

Contact Rob Holt at:, or call him at 250-889-7097. See you at rehearsal!