South Island Harmony Quartets

South Island Harmony is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...


Tonic members...
Lead:Gordon Thurston
Bass:Rob Holt
Baritone:Ric Johnson
Tenor:David Wilson
General public contact: 250-889-7097
Area of operation: Southern Vancouver Island
Province: BC

Trounce Alley

Trounce Alley Quartet

Trounce Alley
Trounce Alley Quartet is here!

We hope you enjoy seeing and hearing what we do best – sing.  We have had a great time over the holidays, singing in different venues and entertaining people around Victoria.  There are so many great songs for us to learn and sing that we will be busy for a long time learning and polishing our material.  There are already dates booked on our calendar from now through to the summer and we are looking forward to another great year of entertaining folks with what we do best.  Please have a look around this site to learn more about us.

If you would like to have Trounce Alley sing for you, please contact Bob Doak from here, or head over to our website and look at the “Book our quartet” page.  Just follow the link. Thank you.


Trounce Alley members...
Lead:Paul DeGagne
Bass:David Christmas
Baritone:Allan Jacques
Tenor:Robert Doak
General public contact: 250-370-7646
Area of operation: Southern Vancouver Island
Province: BC